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आघात- touching the heart Directed by: Vikram Gokhale Year: 2010
Actors: Vikram Gokhale, Mukta Barve, Kadambari Kadam Desai, Suhas Joshi, Arun Nalawade, Aniket Vishwasrao, Nandini Jog, Smita Tambe, Anant Jog, Manoj Joshi, Dr. Amol Kolhe, Vidyadhar Joshi, Shashank Shende, Kiran Karmarkar

Synopsis and Information:
This is must must watch film and don't miss it. Medical science has made tremendous progress in the recent times with advanced treatments available for all ailments. Today, surgeries in hospitals have become very common. But, the common man who has complete faith in the doctor, is still kept in dark about the actual requirement of surgery for a particular purpose. We have heard so many stories appearing in the news, where doctors and hospitals have been made target by errant relatives of patient over negligence during a surgery or operation. But, nothing can be proved against any particular doctor, as in many cases he gets the benefit of doubt.
However, this film Aaghaat goes beyond this benefit of doubt by showing a face to face fight between two doctors, where a junior doctor Dr. Smita Deshmukh (Mukta Barve) takes on her senior Dr. Khurana (Vikram Gokhale) over his negligence in taking a decision during an operation, where a 22 year old patient Sangeeta Pradhan ( Kadambari Kadam) is made to suffer. Dr. Khurana is a leading surgeon in a well known private trust hospital, where Dr. Smita Deshmukh is doing her M.S. as a resident doctor. During one such operation, Dr. Khurana gives Dr. Smita her first chance to perform a surgery. But, when he tells her to remove both the ovaries of the patient, she refuses to obey his orders, as she feels that the second ovary could be saved, as preliminary reports were still awaited. At the operation theatre, Dr. Khurana takes it as his insult and gets the second ovary removed by Dr. Smitas colleague (Shashank Shende). Soon, the patient develops complications and Dr. Khurana lands into trouble, as Dr. Smita with the support of patients family members openly challenges her superior.
Dr. Khurana being the most influential person, pressurizes the hospital administration to sack Dr. Smita. But, Dr. Smita like a true protagonist dares to fight her own battle and tells the administration to set up an inquiry commission. The hospital authorities agree for the same as they fear about Dr. Smita approaching the press. Even the inquiry commission seems to be going against her, when the films story takes a sudden twist in the climax, with an unknown character coming as a witness to her rescue. Dr. Smita wins her battle against a biggest giant in medicine field, without the support of media and that is the real strength of her character. Mr. Vikram Gokhale makes his debut as a director through this film with a sensational subject, which is so relevant to the common man in modern times. He has paid more attention on the attitude of an individual –the antagonist character, which he plays himself and the young principled doctor, who does not forget the oath she has taken to serve this profession with service to humanity. Ethics in medical profession is her motto, based on which she finally wins her battle. Aaghaat does not expose the corruption in medical practice, but it certainly hits out at unethical medical practice.
The film has a strong story written by Dr. Nitin Lavangare with good presentation of screenplay by Sameer Vidhwans, supported by timely dialogues penned by Sameer Vidhwans and Kshitij Patwardhan. Camerawork and editing is up to the mark and the background music is appealing. This being a character oriented film, more attention has been paid on emotions of every artiste and therefore you will find many well known talented artistes like Dr. Amol Kolhe (playing a psychiatrist) , Aniket Vishwasrao, (as Sangeetas boy friend, who agrees to marry her in spite of her ailment), Shashank Shende( as a obedient resident doctor) , Smita Tambe (Playing Shashanks wife), Suhas Joshi( as Dean of the Hospital), Anant Jog ( as a trustee), Vidyadhar Joshi( as Hospital administrator), Arun Nalawade( as Pathologist), Madhav Abhyankar ( as Sangeetas helpless father) and Kiran Karmarkar in a very special role in the climax scene. In short, this is must watch flim.

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