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धागेदोरे Directed by: Akshay Datt Year: 2012
Actors: Umesh Kamat, Sai Tamhankar, Bhargavi Chirmule, Uday Tikekar, Vinay Apte, Vandana waknis, Sanjay Mone, Mansi Magikar, Uma Sardeshmukh, Ajay Purkar

Synopsis and Information:
Dhage Dore is film is a social drama centered around the issue of domestic vi ole nce, this film is a well-enacted, concisely scripted and smartly realized story about relationships and the intrusion of the state in domestic disputes that cause untold trauma to the survivors through no fault of their own.
This is story of a builder, Indrasen Shirke`s only daughter, Manju is a spoilt child. Her friend Tejas` close friend, Prasad has platonic feelings for Tejas but she is in love with him. Manju soon confesses her feelings to Prasad and the duo elope. Prasad`s family, the Karniks, are a middle-class family, while Manju and her parents are very wealthy. Prasad and Manju belong to different worlds and a minor misunderstanding takes place causing the Shirke`s to claim that their daughter was being abused. To aggravate matters further, Manju accidentally slips from the fifth floor and expires.
The Shirkes turn to Advocate Bhalerao, a renowned lawyer, for help and Prasad is tried for his wife`s murder. There are no eye-witness testimonies but whatever circumstantial evidence the Shirke`s have is in their favour! Then, Tejas accepts the case on behalf of her friend Prasad. What is Tejas` strategy in the courtroom? What evidence does she uncover from the site of the death? What proof of malafides is she able to produce in court?
A social drama that has a sharp, incisive, non-partisan take on domestic violence Suspence, Thriller family Drama film DHAGE DORE is released in Mumbai, Pune and other main city in Maharashtra. The film is being produced by Pankaj Challani and Abhijit Apte and directed by Akshay Dutta. Story by Abhijeet Apte and screenplay and dialogues by Shrinivas Bhange. The veteran singer Shankar Mahadevan sung by song under the Music score by Salil Kulkarni and penned by Sandeep Khare. Cinematography by Ramesh Shelke, edit by Bhakti Mayalu, choreography by Abhijeet kurpe and Shilpa Joshi, art by Padamnabh Damle. Amol Bhagat is executive producer and Vinayak Pashte & vishal chandane is production Manager of this film, The First-Ever Feature Film To Have Its Own Android App

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