Mokala Shwas - You are watching Part - 4
Mokala Shwas - You are watching Part - 4
'Mokala Shwaas' addresses the most sensitive issue of present society - 'Female Foeticide'. Eknath Jagtap ( Sharad Ponkshe) desperately wants a son to carry forward his name but unfortunately his wife Savitri (Prateeksha Lonkar) bore 3 girls Kusum, Anju and Meena. Eknath is frustrated with the situation and takes out his anger on his family as and when possible. As the story moves ahead, Eknath and the girls take certain stand against the situation which leads to conflict between father and daughters. How these characters find their solution, is the movie is all about. Foetal sex determination and sex selective abortion by some medical professionals is a m-...

Synopsis Continued: ajor social problem in India. Time has changed, but still in our country a section of the society don't prefer a girl child in the family. Social discrimination against women and a preference for sons have been promoted by such people, who unfortunately belong to middle class and upper middle class in India. The state of Maharashtra is nowhere behind, when it comes to such social discrimination. The recent TV programme 'Satyamev Jayate' presented by Aamir Khan, brought to light such inhuman issues.
Now, film maker Kanchan Adhikari has thrown light on this sensitive issue which goes beyond to also highlight sexual harassment to women. Based on Anuradha Vaidya's novel 'Chaufula', the dynamic director ,who had given us a sensible film 'Manini' in the past; this time becomes more serious to expose the attitude of some families towards girl child.
The film revolves around the head of the family Eknath Jagtap( Sharad Ponkshe) , who has three grown up daughters- Kusum ( Mrunmayee Deshpande), Anju (Neha Gadre) and the youngest, who is just into her teens ( Aishwarya Tupe). He is an experienced salesman in a reputed Saree shop and is very much desperate to have a son. His wife ( Pratiksha Lonkar) has already undergone the act of aborting a fetus after her husband comes to know that about her giving birth to another female child. All the three girls receive ill treatment from their adamant father. The eldest daughter Kusum, who is studying in the final year of college, tries to stabilize the tension arising out of her father's erratic behaviour, but Anju who is smarter among the three, turns a protagonist and dares to openly question her father.
It is Anju, who dares to complain against her father in the initial part of the film and plays the narrator throughout the film, till the climax, which finally turns into happy ending. The film does have some hard hitting dialogues to send across a strong message to the society. But, some of the scenes like reading long letters have consumed more time than required. However, the sincerity of the film maker in presenting the attitudes of different characters is to be appreciated. An arrogant father, a selfish Grandmother, a helpless housewife and three daughters with different nature, yet loving each other; have been well presented.
Sharad Ponkshe is at his best, in that role of a cruel father. Pratiksha finds a role, which literally tests her own patience, till she reacts in the final scene. She has done a good job. Jyoti Subhash perfectly fits into the character of an orthodox old woman. Among the girls, both Mrunmayee and Neha are at their best, with wonderful performances. Neha in particular finds an opportunity to play a real angry young girl, who shows her guts to leave the house, to be an independent girl. Aishwarya has less scope in this film; but she has played her part very well. The director does go on to show the casting couch mentality in media, when an ad and film maker ( Chinmay Mandlekar) promotes Anju in the glamour world. Sushant Shelar in that limited role of a college professor looks natural.Mohan Joshi is just namesake in this fil

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