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ती रात्र- must watch-जबराट Directed by: Viju Mane Year: 2010
Actors: Prasad Oak, Santosh Juvekar, Aditi Sarangdhar

Synopsis and Information:
This is really A Well presented Psycho-Thriller! , cinema doesnt have a tradition of whodunits and thrillers, but in the recent past cinema has given us many good thrillers like 'Ranbhool', 'Checkmate' & 'Ringa Ringa'. Director Viju Mane's 'Tee Ratra' is a welcome addition to this genre.The film starts off with an easygoing pace, with a newly married couple checking into their honeymoon suite. However, their conjugal night begins with a chilling chain of sequences, which keeps the viewers glued to their seats. The couple played by Santosh Juvekar and Aditi Sarangdhar are very much in love, but Santosh has doubts about his wifes fidelity and tries to find the other man in her life by installing web cameras in their desolate bungalow and also hires the services of a ______ played by Prasad Oak, who is his childhood friend.Prasad uses various ______ tools like putting Aditi to extreme emotional trauma by _____ a serial killer.
Finally, the _____ and Aditi blurts out her innermost secret. What is that secret? Well, thats the suspense . Director Mane has kept the proceedings fairly brisk and has been inspired by many films like Dial M for Murder, Vertigo, Gaslight, To Chase A Crooked Shadow, Grand Larceny, Postman Always Rings Twice and closer to Bollywoods Shaque besides the dark noir plots of James Hadley Chase novels.
The film can only boast of some excellent performances, especially by Prasad Oak, who gives one of his best performances as a shrink turned serial killer. Santosh Juvekar is rightly restrained as the caring husband. Aditi Sarangdhar as a disturbed wife, gives a good account of herself. Subodh Bhaves role as Santoshs partner and that of Mangesh Desai's are half baked .Most of the film has been shot indoors in a bungalow, a la RGV style which reminds one of his films 'Kaun' and 'Raat' and the Hollywood classic 'Halloween'. Shabbir Naik has shot the film in natural light without any fancy angles, which any other DOP could have gone overboard with. The songs are okay but the background music is more effective and gives goose bumps sometimes. The editing is superb and the director has used many cinematic 'jerks' to startle the audience, which is expected from any good thriller

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